Roses growing on a trellis

Roses and roses and roses look the same, but not really. The cultivation of rose flowers need to pay attention to what aspects, and then from the soil, water, fertilizer, pruning and so on several aspects to introduce to you about the cultivation methods of roses.

About soil:
Roses do not select soil, but whether they are planted or planted, they are best grown in sandy soil rich in humus.

About moisture:
Rose like run and afraid of wet avoid waterlogging, from germination to flowering, water can be more appropriate to pouring a little, but not for the degree of soil moist waterlogging, after watering flowers can not be too much to see the soil dry and wet, rainy season should pay attention to drainage.

About fertilizer:
It is also like fertilizer, barren, March can be 1 to 2 times with nitrogen based fertilizer, promote the growth of branches, April, May 2 times to 3 times the phosphorus and potassium based fertilizers, and promote its multi bud flowering, after flowering Zaishi a rejuvenation after fertilizer can no longer rose fertilization system positive flower, it is warm, cold, North and south, can overwinter safely outdoors.

About pruning:
The germination ability of the rose is vigorous and the growth is luxuriant. If it is not pruned in time, it is easy to produce diseases and insect pests under the condition of hot and humid, lack of light and poor ventilation. Therefore, a pruning should be carried out after the flower.

About plant diseases and insect pests:
In the rainy and humid, poor ventilation, poor sunshine conditions rose susceptible to powdery mildew, once discovered will cut the diseased branches destroyed, in order to avoid infection, and spraying low concentration of LSSS or Bordeaux, Topsin solution, to prevent the spread of the disease.

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