There are tricks to growing flowers in summer

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Summer came quietly,
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Start a gust of wind

Start a gust of wind
Growing succulents
Or some plants that can be grown on the balcony.

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How to protect flowers??

1. White vinegar cures yellow leaves
Applicable species: Camellia, azalea, frangipani, osmanthus, Milan, gardenia, jasmine and other acid-loving plants.
When growing flowers, flowers and leaves are often withered. If it is not for lack of water, it may be yellowing disease.
White vinegar and water are diluted in a ratio of 1:500 and placed in a small spray bottle, and sprayed on the leaves in the morning, spraying once every 2 days.

2. Beer to promote flowers
Applicable species: Foliage plants such as green radish, Brazilian ironwood, monstera, geranium, Chlorophytum, Dieffenbachia.
Wiping the leaves with beer can make the leaves green and bright, and watering on the roots can also make the plants grow vigorously and bloom in time.
Dilute the water and beer in a certain proportion, mix them evenly, and pour them on the roots of foliage plants. Twice a month, the flowers can be fresh and bright.
Pour a little beer in the vase when arranging flowers to make the colors of the flowers radiant.

3. Use waste oil to grow flowers
Applicable species: night flower, rose, clivia, longevity flower, honeysuckle and other fertilizer-loving plants.
Every time you clean the range hood, don't throw away the waste oil in the oil collecting cup. It is a good partner for plant-loving plants.
Insert holes at the edge of the flowerpot. Generally, insert two holes in the pot with a diameter of 15 cm, and three holes with a diameter of 25 cm. Pour waste oil into the hole and cover it with soil. The fertilizer effect can be maintained for two to three months.

4. Soapy water kills insects
Applicable species: all insect-bearing plants.
When there are pests on plants, try soapy water. It can kill many soft-shell pests, such as aphids, red spiders, and ants.
Dissolve the soap with rainwater, well water, cold boiled water, etc., and keep the concentration below 1%. Spray the solution on the leaf surface and back of diseased leaves in the morning, and don't spray it if there is no insect damage.
Soapy water tends to make the soil alkaline, so it is generally not used for watering flowers, but the insecticidal effect is not bad.
The above method is the secret recipe that Xiaon tried. Dear friends, you can choose the right method according to your flower type!
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