How to Grow Lemon Cucumbers in a Pot

Miss Chen
Cucumbers have become a common staple in many kitchens due to their wide array of uses. They can be pickled, eaten raw or added to sandwiches and healthy green smoothies. Lemon cucumbers do not look like traditional cucumbers. They are bright yellow, baseball-sized, round and similar in appearance to lemons. Since lemon cucumbers mature faster than traditional cucumbers, they are good plants to grow in large pots fitted with a small trellis for support.

Step 1

Prepare the 15-inch pot at least one month before using. Fill the pot with equal parts vegetable potting soil and aged manure and then cover with black plastic sheeting. Place the pot outdoors in full sun so the black plastic has ample time to warm the potting soil. Lemon cucumbers, as well as all other cucumber varieties, do not like cool soil.

Step 2

Pour seed-starting mix into two or more 3-inch peat containers. You may use more or fewer peat containers according to how big you wish your lemon cucumber container garden to be. Put the peat containers on top of a tray or two or plates. The containers need something underneath them to catch the draining water.

Step 3

Push two lemon cucumber seeds into the soil of each container, spacing them 1 inch apart. Cover with soil mix and water until wet. Move the container and trays to a warm area until the lemon cucumber seeds sprout, keeping the soil damp.

Step 4

Remove the black sheeting from the outdoor container when temperatures rise above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Dig into the soil in the 15-inch container with a garden spade to create a hole large enough to hold the 3-inch peat container.

Step 5

Insert the peat container into the planting hole and push the soil firmly to secure the pot into the dirt. Water the lemon cucumber plant and insert a round, wire cucumber cage to support the growing plant. Provide the cucumber plant water daily since containers lose more moisture than in-ground plants.

Step 6

Dilute fish emulsion with equal amounts of water and pour into a spray bottle. Spray the solution onto the growing lemon cucumber plant one or two times every month.
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