Should I Put My Onions in the Fridge?

Miss Chen
Onions are a popular home vegetable garden plant. Like all vegetables, they may eventually go bad if not stored properly. The proper storage method for your onions depends on where they come from, particularly whether you've purchased them from the grocery store or grown them yourself. Storing onions in the fridge is just one option.

Before Storing
Onions should be dried or cured before they go into storage to prevent rot. This can be done in any location that is dry, warm and well-ventilated, like a garage or outdoor patio, and takes two to three weeks. The tops, or green part of the onion, should be cut off about 1 inch above the onion and discarded, and any onions that are rotten should be thrown out. If you intend to braid the onions, the tops can be left on.

Onions can be stored in your refrigerator or in a cold storage room. The temperature in the refrigerator or cold storage room should be between 32 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit with moderate humidity, between 65 percent and 70 percent. Ensure that the temperatures do not drop below freezing. Depending on the variety, onions can last for weeks to several months when stored like this. For example, Spanish onions will last weeks while Copra onions can last for months.

Onions should be stored in materials that allow air to circulate around the bulbs. Burlap and mesh are good storage options, as are the netting-like bags that onions are kept in at the grocery store. If the tops have been left on the onions, they can be braided together and the onions hung from rafters or the wall.

Cut Onions
If already cut pieces of onion are used later, the strong gasses that the onion releases that makes people cry will be much less severe. Raw, cut onions should not be left out overnight as they can attract bacteria.
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