Pitcher plant

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Bottle grass
Any of various plants of the genus Rhododendron
Bottle grass origin
Marsh native to North America; distributed in coastal areas of the Atlantic.
Bottle grass; morphological characteristics
Sarracenia plants are perennial herbs, rhizomes creeping, with many fibrous roots; leaf rosette foliage leaf radicals, bottle shape, horn shaped or tubular, the pitcher has a ampulla, cystic wall opening is smooth, and the secretion of nectar, sweet nectar, to lure insects to come and fall into the bag in the wall smooth, containing digestive juice, can secrete digestive enzymes of insects will decompose, and then composed of parenchyma cell wall glands decomposition of protein enzymes to be absorbed; in addition, bottle grass sword shaped leaves in the autumn and winter of this insect, leaves without capsule, only through photosynthesis to make nutrient.
Sarracenia flowers bisexual flower inflorescence, extracted from the leaf base, loose racemes of large flowers, by several flower group, flower core by 1 hooded stigma, 3 ~ 5 ovary chambers and 50 to 80 stamens, yellow green or dark red, sepals 5, petals below the. The fruit is a capsule with many small seeds that automatically crack and eject seeds at maturity.
No matter which one species of Sarracenia, can be divided into 3~5 regions of its bottle shaped tube: the first area is the second area is the bottle, lip and bottle, three or four district (some species together) and fifth (only the five Sarracenia purpurea) is the main body of the bottle. Some areas have specific features, in line with the characteristics of their morphology on.
Zone 1
Bottle cap: most types of lids cover parts of the bottle, avoiding excessive rainfall and filling the bottle, resulting in less prey. The bottle will be combined with the color, smell, unripe hair, mouth to lure prey. Some special types, such as a small bottle of grass and grass parrot bottle cap, which is very close to the mouth of the bottle, the bottle is inlaid with a small piece of a small lacking chlorophyll region, forming a semi transparent "windows", flying insects will attempt to pass through the bottle, and then into the bottle (a similar function also occurred in the same family of Cobra Sarracenia body).
Second District
Lip and mouth: this area is mainly the lips, producing a large amount of honey, attracting insects to stop above or climb up the bottle mouth and stand on the edge of dangerous traps. The second section also contains a wax cap at the top of the bottle, where the wax accumulates in this part, and the insect accidentally falls into the bottle.
Third district
love warm and humid environment, cold resistant heat, large temperature difference between day and night is conducive to its rapid growth; when the temperature is not too high, can make the bottle grass direct sunlight, in favor of Sarracenia coloring, coloring the bottle the bottle around the anilox grass after very beautiful; the bottle of grass roots of the higher water temperature and the need to maintain a relatively low temperature, moisture can now shining under the sun and then put in the shelter and cool, then poured into the root.

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