Upon food

Dummer. ゛☀
Nickname upon food
The dish is also called mature, and secondly, beans, rouge, the purple leaf angle soft ginger, vine vegetable, vegetables, sunflower and other aliases Zhong rouge.
The growth habit of Chan food
The dish is comparison of plant tolerance to high temperature and high humidity, it is love loose fertile sandy soil. The requirement of illumination is not high, and the suitable temperature for growth is between 25 and 30 degrees, and the soil should be kept moist.
The food is generally sowing reproduction.
Upon the role of food
The dish has a certain role in the garden, the plants and flowers are lovely, can be used as a decorative window, etc..
However, its biggest use is to eat, often used as vegetables, the taste is very good.
When eating is picking it near the stem part of the stem and leaf shape, a bit like broccoli, green green. Leaves, leaves alternate, heart shaped, 8-15 cm long, 9-16 cm wide, 0.2 cm thick, fleshy, fleshy, smooth, glabrous, with a short handle, can grow massive axillary bulbils, 2-4 cm long, 1-3 cm wide.
The young leaves and shoots soft and smooth, suitable for the boiling water, it is rich in vitamin C, calcium and carotene, can heat, cooling blood, slippery bowel, detoxification, enjoyed "hundred dishes king" reputation. The Song Dynasty Su Dongpo praise it "seems to be the enemy Chun soup". "Guangdong language" that it "leaves and edible, slightly sour in taste, are advised to fish soup". But people think it is more Chan (mucus), "said Chan food derogatory". Guangdong folk in cooking practice, find a method to make dishes Chan Chan Chan, the vegetable broth is made out of soup, it cool sweet, soft and smooth, with heat dampness, facilitate the bowels of the power, for the summer when the delicious family soup.

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