16 Effective Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips

Many gardeners believe that no garden is complete without a lush green #lawn . If maintained greatly it gives a soft velvety touch to a garden, plus a most favorite site to leap and lie down for pets and children.
Making a lawn is easy but its maintenance and care is difficult. To make this green space more greener and refreshing than before, imply these 16 effective tips.

1. Don’t go for fancy stuff, always plant grass that is native and local and perfectly adapted to your climate. Examine your place perfectly to find out the hours of sunshine, temperature, growing conditions and soil type to choose a grass type you should grow.

2. What’s your soil pH? For lawns, pH level around 6 to 7.2 is required. Test your soil pH, if it’s not around the required level, amend your soil type.

3. Don’t plant lawns in completely shady area and avoid planting it on the slopes and anomalous spots of your yard.

4. Grass in shady part of your lawn requires less watering and fertilizer as it doesn’t receive full sun, you can’t perk up its growth by over watering and over fertilizing. The simple formula is to fertilize and water it half than the sunny spot.

5. Mow your lawn before grass reaches high to avoid sunburnt lawn, mowing tall grasses can shock their roots and dull the blades of mower, too.

6. Find out the mowing height of the grass you’re growing and cut according to it. For example, you should cut buffalo grass 2-3 inches and hybrid Bermudagrass around 1 inch. Read this post to find out ideal mowing height of your grass variety.

7. How you’ll know that your lawn needs mowing and it’s reaching height? The rule is simple, when it reaches the one third or more of the suggested mowing height, cut it. If you cut grass after 2 inch, then its mowing time is when it will reach 3 inch height.

8. Healthy growth of grass doesn’t let the weeds grow. If you want effective weed control in your lawn, grow a variety of tall grass, it’ll cover up the space for weeds and cut off their sun light.

9. Use edgings in your lawn, edgings restrict grasses from out bounding the lawn and give it a sheer look. You can use plastic edging or timber, concrete or brick edging.

10. Walking over the lawn and trampling it for years, tighten the soil and take all the air out from the area, that’s why you should aerate your lawn twice a year in both spring and fall. Aerating helps the root system and soil by providing the air and water. It also improves nutrients penetration. Aerating is the secret of happy green lawns.

11. Morning time is right for watering, as the water evaporates less. If your lawn is new you need to water more to let your plants establish.

12. Water your lawn 5-6 inches deep and let it dry up before another watering session. A lawn watered deeply doesn’t dry out quickly, best way to measure the level of water absorbed by the soil is to poke a rod or stick in the soil after watering.

13. The more you feed nitrogen rich fertilizer and water regularly, the more it will grow quickly and the more you’ll need to mow it. It’s good to make a balance for a lush lawn.

14. Best time to fertilize your lawn is in its growing season every 6 week.

15. Lack of calcium in soil provides prosperous thriving condition to common weeds. Spread lime using spreader if your soil doesn’t have calcium to magnesium ratio of 7 to 1.

16. You can feed your lawn with compost or manure, as manures are rich in nitrogen they are a better organic option than chemical fertilizers. Cow manure is best for lawns. Read this post to learn how to add manure to your lawn. 
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