Great Garden Gift Guide


Welcome to TGG’s great garden gift guide! It doesn’t matter if you are looking for  special ideas for the gardener you love, or for your own list to pass out to your loved ones, this is your list this year! We are including out favoratie finds for all garden lovers, and maybe you can inspire a new gardener with on of these gifts as well… Before you ask… no, we do not get a portion of any proceeds from the sale of these products… we just know they are on our list, so why not put them on yours! We did the hard work! Merry Christmas! Our featured gift, above, is the Gardener’s Gift Set by Plow and Hearth.

Garden Allotment Kit: From Williams-Sonoma, this basic gardeners kit is designed in a french wood tray, and has all the basics for getting started with your gardening chores at the first sign of spring… High quality set, and affordable – on sale for less than $20!

Copper Fork: This copper garden form is handmade in Austria, and is a high quality tool that should last your gardener for generations, with a solid beech handle. Copper is deposited into the soil in small amounts with use, which repels slugs and snails as a bonus! Even better, on sale for half price and free shipping while they last…Oh, and you can have it monogrammed for $7, which could turn a simple gift into and heirloom!

Growing Wishes Seed Kit: From Uncommon Goods, this seed kit is really inspiring, in that it reminds us what our garden does for us… Makes us happy, feel joy and strength… This is a really cool gifts for anyone who loves gardening, or you would like to inspire to love it!

Gardener’s Soap: Shop Terrain has this great gardeners soap made in New York’s Hudson Valley. It smells like rosemary, and has Shea butter to moisturize and cornmeal to gently scrub.

Seed Packet Organizer: I wish I had this all the years I grew almost everything from seed. Organized and partitioned by month, it even has extra packets for collecting your own seed.

Flower Petal Bird Bath: For an inexpensive gift that counts, this flower petal bird bath is perfect for a small garden, or just for a little out of the way space to make feathered friends feel at home.

Copper Watering Can:  I am in LOVE with this watering can from the famous Haws company… with proper care, this will last forever!

Finally, since we “The Garden Glove” after all, I had to include this Classic Garden Glove. The fabric allows your hands to breathe, and they are machine washable, yet sturdy, reinforced and comfortable.

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