Outdoor Room Ambience: Globe String Lights!


Last weekend Steve had the idea that it was time to add globe lights to the back patio. Especially since we were starting to see them on clearance in the garden section of just about everywhere. And, according to Rachel, my teenager least likely to be found in the garden… it was the coolest thing we have done outside yet. The globe lights just keep making me feel like we’re sitting outside an Airstream on vacation in 1955. Or at a cool urban outdoor restaurant. Or in Austin. Convinced? We purchased two strings of globe lights from Target at less than $15, and strung them to our roof edge and back to the support poles for our shade sails. Yea, I think Austin… ;)

So be inspired!

We actually want to start you off with a DIY tutorial… In the case you don’t have already existing supports, ‘Bright July’ shows you how to make some easy support poles for globe lights. Now that you have this down, the rest is pure inspiring!

This next idea is from ‘The Haystack Needle‘, and goes to show you can get that sweet European restaurant flavor even if your outdoor space is a small alleyway. Or maybe especially because it’s a small alleyway!

From ‘Apartment Therapy‘, this lovely cottage in So Cal wraps the globe lights through a rustic overhang, and makes them even more charming than on their own.

Use just a couple of strands of globe lights over an eating area… takes the dining area  away from anything related to boring, especially for an evening cocktail or cup of tea.

From ‘Brick and Mortar‘, this is another example of how you can use globe lights in a small space, and make big impact.

From a backyard makeover from ‘Hometalk‘, this backyard space would not be the same without these lights. Don’t believe me? Cover the top of the photo, then uncover… see?

From Beth at ‘Local Milk‘, who, btw, has won numerous awards for her food and photography blog (Visit! Amazing!)… these are again a great example of how simplicity works with these lights… you don’t need some big display like Christmas on steroids… And you don’t have to just use them up above! Line a porch railing or deck with them… use creativity!

Finally, from Pinterest, this is one last bit of inspiration. So go find globe string lights!

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