Quick Tip: Pineapple Plant!


It’s no secret to anyone who went through kindergarten that you can grow plants from some of the cuttings of common vegetables. But for those of you about to head into winter (or just because!) and are going to be missing your more tropical looking plants in the garden, we have a great quick tip for you. Are you aware, that if you replant the top of a pineapple, not only will it grow, it grows into a very cool, modern looking houseplant you can enjoy all winter? Who-da thunk?

Here’s how:

Cut or twist off  the top of your pineapple by just grasping with gloves, then twist until it comes apart. Peel off the bottom leaves until a good chunk of base is exposed. (You don’t want leaves sitting in water to rot.) Then slice off the bottom to make it a clean cut. Set in a saucer of water to root. Make sure you keep the bottom section from drying out while it’s rooting. Once you see a good number of new roots forming (about 3 weeks or so) then you can pot it up. Use a moisture retaining potting soil and pot up you plant, making sure you firm the soil well around the base. Keep the soil evenly moist. In a few weeks the roots should take hold in the soil and you will have a new plant! Keep in bright light, and water regularly.

Beat that for easy! Will your plant grow a pineapple? Eh…maybe in a few years if it has the right conditions, but it will be an excellent reminder of summer all year round…Any other ideas for cool house plants grown from fruits or veggies? And yes, we did say cool… no one wants to see your avocado pit  on the windowsill!
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